Friday, 9 August 2013

How To Get Your Hair Pastel Pink

Before attempting pastel coloured hair it is important to remember that it will not work on darker coloured hair. If you want to have your hair colour very pale like mine then you will need to bleach your hair or be already starting at a very pale tone (as I am as this is not the first time I am colouring my hair pastel pink). Remember that bleach is very damaging for your hair. Also, wear clothes that you do not mind being ruined and use latex (for example) gloves as Directions hair colours do get anywhere and everywhere. 

After preparing my hair with bleach etc, I use Directions semi-permanent coloured hair dyes. There is a shade available called pastel pink which is a very pale pink similar to mine however it does not take very well on your hair and washes out virtually straight away. 

I prefer to prepare a mixture of Direction's carnation pink (30%), Directions apricot (10%) and lots and lots of conditioner (60%). The reason I add orange is that carnation pink is a slightly more purply-pink and I prefer the coral/salmon tones of pink. The colour of your mixture will be almost identical to how it takes on your hair. This means that you should mix it down very well or your hair will be very brightly coloured. If you wanted a colour other than baby pink, you can use any colour you wanted following similar steps. To apply the mixture to my hair, I literally just slap it on using latex gloves, using a hair clip to ensure I cover every section. Do not panic if your end result is slightly brighter than you had hoped for. I usually dye my hair a little brighter than I want so that it lasts for more washes. 

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Update: please ignore my awful eyebrows in the top picture! Ha!

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