Friday, 27 September 2013

How To Get Your Hair White Blonde

Girls always ask me how I get my hair white-blonde. It's hard to explain on microblogs like instagram and twitter so I've decided to make a blog post about it. Hopefully this will help and feel free to ask me any more questions! Please be aware though that to achieve white-blonde hair you should ideally be starting with relatively blonde hair already or you're doomed to damage city. Enjoy...

First of all, as I said, you need to start with hair that is already blonde. It's no good using the products or techniques I'm about to explain on hair that is black or brown or red or basically any colour other than blonde. I know it can be frustrating having to wait so long to achieve your desired hair colour but please bear in mind that I came to white blonde from bright red and I did it all at home over the last year. Have patience, stick with it and PLEASE care for your hair. It is achievable and it will be worth it in the end.

To get my hair blonde in the first place, or to touch up my VERY dark roots, I use Jerome Russell B-blonde bleaching kits which are available in Superdrug for around £5 altogether. You mix the powder bleach with the cream peroxide to create the bleach mixture however these products are very, very damaging for your hair so think carefully when choosing the percentage and volume of the bleach products you choose. If you are really worried about damage you can do what is called a "bleach bath" where you mix the powder and the cream with lots of shampoo and a little bit of conditioner. This is much less damaging for your hair. Another tip is to apply the mixture to wet hair as the water acts as another "layer" or "barrier" between your hair and the bleach. Obviously, doing these things may not have as much of a lightening effect immediately but as I've said it's very important to be patient and care for your hair.

Once I've bleached my roots etc I sometimes use blonde hair dyes. I either use Nice n Easy in shade SB1/5B1 - harder to get hold of than Barrack Obama - or if that's not available I use L'oreal Preference in the lightest shade available. AVOID SCHWARZKOPF LIVE XXL!!! This dye literally just feels like burning powder against your scalp and it leaves your hair very yellow/orange and in my experience patchy. 

After this, your hair will still not be white blonde. You need to use a silver/purple shampoo. The purple tones counteract the orange tones creating a white effect. In the past I have used Lee Stafford which is good but it can leave a slight pink tint if you leave it on too long or too concentrated. I am now using Pro-Voke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo. This one is slightly less pink and slightly more silver so it leaves your hair a much more purely white colour. As stated, you're supposed to use it twice a week but I tend to just use it every time I wash my hair. This probably isn't good for your hair but... meh. 

Another way of achieving a much whiter blonde is to dye your hair using Directions hair dye in Lilac. Obviously your hair will be lilac but in my experience it washes out very quickly and this left my hair a very light blonde/white. 

I'm not an expert and my hair isn't perfect but I do get asked a lot so I thought I would share my hints and tips with you. Your hair colour can also depend on the light too. Sometimes my hair looks very white and in other lights my hair looks just normal blonde. I hope this helps and as I said feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for reading!
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p.s. I'm very aware that my hair needs a proper cut/trim but in honesty I cannot afford or be bothered with hairdressers and I genuinely just randomly chop off any split ends I have. Very bad habit, do not try this at home.


  1. you seriously make me want to go white blonde!

    1. Haha sooo bad for your hair though xxxx

  2. I always get asked this as well! Joicio purple shampoo is also amazing for getting rid of the brassy bits! I am impressed you do it yourself though, jesus I just couldnt! haha

    1. Thank you haha it's been a long journey <3

  3. Having white hair would be a dreams come true for me! But unfortunately I have dark hair and I'm afraid it would kill 'em so I think I'm gonna just buy a wig.. I know.. It's not the same, but always a solution. xo

  4. I have naturally blonde hair that has grown into a dirty blonde over the years. I am currently, as of today, about to go and get the stuff to make my hair white. I know it'll be a process but luckily my already light hair should make it easier. Thanks so much for this post!!

  5. Hey so I've been dying my hair all sorts of red for the past couple of years and I want to get rid of the red so I can experiment with different shades of blue like pravana locked in blue and Neon blue but I need to have my hair as light as possible to achieve the right shades am also no extremely patient however I still don't want to damage my hair I heard products like Oplex and protein fillers are helpful plus clarifying shampoo and a silicon free shampoo after but as I said my main problem is getting rid of the red hair dye ofcourse the base of my hair is dark brown but it was pre bleached to a golden blonde shade before the many red layers so what would you recommend for me . I would truly appreciate the help there . great blog btw and your hair looks wonderful .