Wednesday, 26 February 2014

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

1. Don't buy and wear things just to "fit in" and impress the "cool kids"
You don't like Rockports. And you don't like Timberlands. And you don't like Helly Hansons. They're fucking hideous. You feel stupid wearing them and the "cool kids" look stupid wearing them. And you don't even like the "cool kids". And the "cool kids" aren't even cool. Be yourself and you'll attract the right people (who actually make you happy).

2. Get involved with more activities and clubs
Try new sports, audition for that play and keep on pushing new experiences upon yourself because these things being provided for you are a privilege and a luxury and not a given. This is a great chance to find what you enjoy and to meet cool people with similar interests and to make friends.

3. You can say no - and that includes to teachers.
If there's one thing I regret about school it was conforming to unreasonable rules and standards. Ok, so there's a uniform. But why do you have to wear it the way they say is "correct", and why can't you wear your favourite bracelet too? It is unreasonable and unfair to be manipulated to such an extent that you lose your individuality and become "year 11" instead of Morgan. And honestly, if you don't feel like participating in a PE lesson, you don't have to. Especially in arctic conditions. You're in charge of your own body. And no you don't have to wear a skirt to school just because it's "school rules". Just no. 

4. Mess around, sanctions at high school are minimal.
Teachers are always saying "you can't do this in the real world because you'll get fired or you'll go to prison" and so you think oh shit? I better behave then? Wrong! This was the perfect opportunity to say ok in the "real world" but I'm not in the "real world" so maybe you're allowed to mess around a little. You're like 12. Take the chance to be a little shit for a while.

5. This is only the start of boys harassing and insulting you, so pay attention. And pay no attention at all.
You're not ugly, you're not a "bitch" - you are a beautiful person. And maybe you do have "mosquito bite" or "fried egg" tits but do you know why that is? because you're like 12. You're a child. It's wrong for boys to sexualize your body at this stage. Or at any stage, actually.  But it's at this stage that you need to learn to walk away from these boys because they're gonna make you feel shit in a lot of different ways and the biggest mistake you can make is to allow yourself to be treated this way. Walk away - the first time.

6. You can and you will achieve so much.
Stop saying "I can't" because you fucking can. You get your GCSEs, you get your A levels, you get your driving license, you get the part time job you've always wanted, you get into your favourite university and you move to your favourite city. You can and you will. 

7. Let's talk about the cool kids again.
The cool kids. The ones with all the latest gadgets and gear... the ones who have been there and done that about everything. They're going nowhere. They will be the ones following you on twitter crying over your beautiful life while they sit in their own puddle of disappointment. They can talk the big talk and make you feel like shit all they want for now because success is the best revenge. They're losers. Fucking losers.

8. And body image? Let's talk about that again too. Cause this is a biggie and you shed a lot of tears over this one.
Boobs. Boobs boobs boobs. You want boobs, you want boobs more than anything. Only... you didn't really care or even think about boobs until people (boys and girls) started picking on you for not having boobs (again at the age of 12, again as a child). Stop beating yourself up about it. Cause they'll come and they'll be fucking wonderful trust me. For now, you're a child. Enjoy it. Please. They'll all come crying when you're a sexy mother fucker in your late teens. You're too good for them.

9. Stick up for other people (and for yourself).
This is something you get very good at it in later life, so don't beat yourself up too much. But don't just sit there in silence when someone is being picked on especially if that person is your friend. Yeah ok, so they're not picking on you and staying quiet keeps it that way. But being passive can be just as damaging as being active. People trust you and people are loyal to you and it's important this goes both ways. It will only be you again in about 5 minutes so just do the right thing. Who cares if these people don't like you, they're bullies. Why would you want them to like you? Tell 'em to fuck right off and don't stop telling them.

10. Everything is going to be ok.
School fucking sucks and right now life sucks a little too. Teachers suck. Kids suck. Boys suck. Girls suck. Lack of power sucks. Lack of voice sucks. Lack of rights sucks. But you get through it, it will be over soon, it gets better. Make the best of every situation and don't forget to live in the now but keep it in mind that the future is fucking awesome. And that's not because life changes, life's always gonna be a bitch in a lot of ways. But it's because you change, in a good way, because you learn and you grow and you outgrow all the bullshit.

Be happy.

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  1. Still in school but definately going to take these in :p x

    1. Well good, in a sense that's kind of the point! Be happy Xxx

  2. Such a relevant post! I so wish that I could go back to the weird fourteen year old me and tell myself all of the above! Awesome post!