Saturday, 15 March 2014

Smiggle Stationery Haul*

Smiggle is an Australian stationery company that has just started opening in the UK! They sent me some really cool bits and bobs to check out...

Smiggle has opened in Stratford and plans to open 3 more stores in Reading, Brighton and Kingston throughout March! 
There isn't an up and running online site for the UK yet but if you link through to the Australian site you can see all of the amazing products that they have! 

My favourite thing is my gel pen case with 28 different colours - pastel, neon, glitter, scented etc! All in a cute little plastic storage box. I can't wait to start writing beautiful greetings cards and letters to my friends and family (combined with my beloved stickers of course). This is something I'm definitely going to look into rebuying. 

Also love the novelty of the stacked highlighter pens, so cute! It is perfect for colour co-ordinating your revision. The pencil case is awesome too because there's always that time where the thing that you need is right at the bottom of your pencil case and you have to sift through the stationery jungle to get it... well this pencil case has all those working zips which means you get great access to whatever you need ASAP which is pretty unique. I've never seen a pencil case like it before and it's more helpful than you may anticipate it to be.

I'm a big fan of the headphones, too. I love statement accessories and this purple colour is beautiful! what's also great about these headphones in particular is that they come in all different colours and you can plug them into your iphone to use. I like them for working out at the gym cause they don't fall out of your ears every 5 seconds when running like earphones do (no matter how sweaty you get...)

And of course they have an eraser collection to rival Blott. I love novelty rubbers and the lollipop one I have is absolutely adorable and browsing on the site I spied a unicorn rubber too... so much cuteness. 

Who doesn't love stationery?

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾

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