Friday, 13 June 2014

How To Get White Hair

You will need:
-A bleaching kit (preferably for roots only - it is much better you start this process on prelightened/blonde hair!!)
-Bleach london toner kit
-Silver or purple shampoo; bleach london, lee stafford etc
-A decent conditioner/hair mask (you will get them in bleach london bleaching/toning kits)

Hi little lady bugs

just as a disclaimer I wanna admit that my hair never really 100% goes to plan and a lot of the time it's just a whole lotta luck
i'm very impatient and not quite the perfectionist i'd like to think that i am. also plz face facts white/silver hair is not easy to achieve and it WILL cause damage, even if only slightly. 

I never know what is self explanatory and what is tricky so I will try and go into detail a lil here and there but the stuff on the "you will need" list all has instructions and stuffs.

you realistically need to start at the lightest stage possible in order to achieve full potential Elsa-esque head fluff. so use a bleaching kit to do your roots and if needs be to lighten the lengths of your hair! but this is very very bad for older hair (ie anything past your roots) so keep amount, frequency and developing time to a minimum if possible! dumbledore didn't achieve great hairness overnight! you can also create what is called a bleach bath that isn't as damaging which mixes a lil shampoo a lil conditioner and a lil water to your bleach mixture but this will need to be kept on longer for best effects!

one of the best ways to do your home bleaching is to start with your parting/fringe/sideburny bits and then continue to part your hair down the left or right side of your head, flipping your hair over the other way and bleaching the "new parting" until you can go no further. Then return to your original parting and do the same in the other direction on your head. 

let this develop from 20-40 minutes, depending on the condition of your hair and the darkness/lightness of your hair. if you do have damaged or dark hair you're better to do the bleach bath. 

wash and dry your hair - and then it really is just as simple as using a toner. I only recommend bleach london because that's the best one I have ever experienced as it achieves that silvery white straight away rather than silvery tinted blonde. directions do toning kits and lilac dyes but i've not really used them.

for upkeep invest in a lovely purple/silver shampoo (these work by clashing with the yellow/brass tones in your hair neutralising them to be more white. they aren't great as a standard shampoo so I usually use a normal shampoo, followed by a silver/purple shampoo, followed by a conditioner). most brands recommend you use it every other wash but it depends what you would prefer. lee stafford purple shampoo leaves a nice pinky-purple tint if that's something you would like. touch of silver is more of a simple silver one, and so is the bleach london. all of these things should be available in superdrug or boots.

I super hope this helps Gandalf-hopefuls and if there's anything else you want to know comment below or contact me on my twitter, instagram or tumblr @morgancrawf

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾


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