Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Iiiiiiiiit's Christmas! (ie any time between halloween ending and january beginning)

Holidays are coming and that's an excuse to indulge in my selfishness and greed and make a blog post of my christmas wishlist. Honestly, I don't actually mind what gifts I am given for christmas... I'm genuinely grateful and excited no matter what. This is actually just me having a little browse. But I can still dream, can't I?

Lime Crime has been absolutely teasing about the Venus palette which came out today - and is already sold out. There is an option to be notified when more are back in stock, but it's a definite indicator of the hype. The vegan cruelty-free range has released Venus as a "grunge" palette at $42.00 AUS dollars (about £23 British pounds). The shades are described as "new-trals" (clever) and "rusty reds" and they are just that - my favourite shades being Venus, Shell and Icon. I often wear neutrals and metallic neutrals but have't had much experimentation with red - so this is the perfect palette for me (feel free to also buy me Urban Decay Naked 1, 2 and 3 though).

Other Lime Crime favourites of mine include the lipsticks! I already have Poisonberry (a dark, rich purple) and my favourite Airborne Unicorn (a vibrant lilac). I want to get even braver with lip colours though as I do usually stick to nudes/browns, purples and the occasional red... so I've picked out 3 more Lime Crime lipsticks that I absolutely adore. Serpentina, a deep emerald green, is one of the shades I am most drawn to. My fabulous friend Caitlin has it and whenever she wears it she just looks amaze (well she always looks amaze). I just think it would look fucking cool with my baby pink hair! Other shades I've selected are Mint To Be (mint green) and Chinchilla (grey), two of my favourite colours in general. Super pastel perfect and cute: definite favourites of mine. Unicorn lipsticks are $18 AUS dollars (about £10 British pounds). You can buy Lime Crime products directly from the site or through third party websites. I have used (uk cruelty free) before and would trust and recommend them. 

Lush is always a firm favourite of mine in the gift buying and receiving department. With all of their products being vegetarian or vegan, amongst other reasons, they really are a great and ethical company. You can even buy gifts from Lush wrapped up and ready in pretty paper and bows. The christmas collection is renowned for its Snow Fairy products - sickly sweet and glittery pink shower gels and bath bars. If anything is sickly sweet and glittery pink I probably approve of it. You can buy Snow Fairy shower gel from £3.75 for 100g to £11.95 for 500g. The magic wand reusable bubble bar is £5.25 and you can swish and swoosh it around in your bath water several times before it is all used up! Probably best to keep it in a dry place whilst not in use. Something else which has caught my eye this year is the First Snow dusting powder (also available alcohol free). It's £4.75 for 30g and it's basically a talcum powder that you puff onto your skin for a sparkly shimmer which sounds perfect to me. You'll be feeling like Elsa in no time.

To continue with my sickly sweet theme I've chosen 2 new My Little Pony build-a-bears that I absolutely adore. I already have my lovely Fluttershy with her yellow body and pink hair (and her bubblegum scented butt) and I am just in love with these toys. Pinkie Pie and Trixie are just adorable and I had to post them here! My Little Pony build-a-bears are limited edition and £19 each.

Finally, I've added a few bits from Topshop. Working at Topshop, there's probably thousands of things I could post here since I see it all day in and day out but I've chosen just a couple of nice Christmassy bits. First of all LOOK AT THAT UNICORN HOTTIE. We have hotties every year including dragons and cute little lambs but I've never seen a unicorn before. Snow white with pink bits and bobs it's absolutely lovely and I could just see him joining my other unicorns on my bed. But what would I name him...? Topshop hotties are £9. You know those people who will buy literally anything simply because it has a unicorn on it? Ya. That's me. I love the black unicorn tee - Lurex Unicorn Embellished Tee to be precise - and at just £18 I think it would be a really nice throw on and go item. It's super simple and would look nice with some skinnies or tucked into a cute skirt. I'm also a little bit obsessed with lingerie and these crushed velvet high waisted sets from Topshop are so perfect. I do not know when I would wear these things. All I know is that I want them. The black set and the pink set are £32 each. Finally, I saw this bag online and sold it to a girl yesterday... and I absolutely adore it. I already have about a million black bags but this one HAS TASSLES and is SUPER AWESOME and NECESSARY The only downside is that it's real leather (booooooo). Luxe Tassle Tote at £85. 

Also, tickets to see Die Antwoord and Ananda's vegan wagon wheels wouldn't go a miss.

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ps please do not attempt to bring up a discourse concerning Lime Crime controversy. 

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