Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How To Get Pastel Hair

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If you don't already have very pale blonde to white coloured hair then please do not expect the same results that I get. My hair has been light light light for a couple of years now and putting lilac onto dark brown hair will do nothing. If you're still wanting to do this then check out some of my other hair posts about lightening your hair first. Expect damage. We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. 

I use the hair dye brand called Directions. You can get it online (just search on google) or in some alternative/hair extension shops. I get mine from a shop in the Lanes at Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield usually. You don't have to use this brand... there's also Crazy Colour, Bleach London and even mainstream brands like Schwarzkopf and L'Oreal do some variations of "alternative" coloured dyes. But I use Directions. They kinda feel like a gooey finger paint texture which I think is good for working with to mix and customise your own tones and colours!

The colours I'm using this time are Apricot (peachy orange), violet (blue-toned dark purple) and Carnation Pink (bright pink). You don't have to mix any colours together you can just stick with one - although maybe buy 2 or 3 pots dependent on hair length - but I prefer to mix my own personalised colours. I mix my directions with conditioner to "pastel" up the colours and to help with the condition of my hair. Directions dyes aren't particularly damaging to your hair but they can and do stain hair, particularly bleached/lightened etc so be aware of this. The worst colours for this are any red tones or blue/green. 

I use Apricot to take away from the brighter, more purple tones of Carnation Pink in order to make it more peachy. You may think this is pointless when adding Violet buttttt it's not. so there. I usually mix in a take away tupperware box like the one pictured where I keep my Directions pots but today I had this applicator bottle to hand from an old box dye so I used this. Try and mix the colours and conditioner well so you don't have clumps of a darker or more prominent colour anywhere in your mixture (although saying that my hair is never an even tone and honestly who cares, it's all the same fairy princess goodness, but just a warning)also here's a my little pony tip: try to use white conditioner as this will help keep your dye mixture more true to colour (if you use a pink conditioner for example, your dye will appear more pink than the actual result on your hair).

I prefer to create my mixture adding little by little, mixing bit by bit. If you add all of one colour at once you may find that the darker or brighter colours are overpowering the mixture and you end up with just that colour dye. So I would usually add about 1 part pink 1 part conditioner. Then 2 parts pink 1 part orange. And so on and so forth, adding colours, adding conditioner and mixing well until you achieve your desired pastel colour. My usual technique when applying the mixture to my hair is to just literally slap it on and rub it all over. I use a big hair clip to do some vague sectioning sometimes but I rarely stick to this. if you're a perfectionist with a lot of time and patience, you have come to the wrong place.

Once your hair is completely covered - top, bottom, roots, ends, underneath, BACK and don't forget the wispy bits around your ears and forehead - wrap your hair up all together, twist it round and clip it all on top of your head. Leave like this for as long as you like. Try to consider how much conditioner you used when making your mixture because the more you used, possibly indicates the longer you should leave your dye on (as it will be less concentrated therefore take longer to hold). 

Anddddddd voila. C'est simple. Top left pictured here was my result this time, with some other examples of pastel dyes I have created.

I have a lot of fun with this and I usually make a lot of mess (maybe use gloves... I get mine from B&M bargains or the £1 shop. when I can be bothered). You will get more and more confident and experienced with mixing colours and dying your hair.

This may seem like a really simplified tutorial but this is truly how I go about it. If you're looking for more of a patient, perfectionist guide then this ain't it. Soz.

This sort of dye will fade and wash out very quickly so try to make your dye a little darker than you were hoping for to make the effect last. Hope this helps and feel free to comment any questions below or contact me via twitter or instagram!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. You look great with pastel hair, Im begging to lighten my hair slowly so in summer I can dye it pastel!!! - great blog

    ROSALINDIS// http://rosalindis.blogspot.com.es/

  2. I looooove all your colourful looks. Wish I could pull off pastels!