Friday, 30 January 2015

Bleach London Pink Rose Hair Dye

I have done a post or two before about getting my hair pastel colours but in these I have always used Directions. Recently, I decided to try the Bleach London colour dyes. I've used the bleach & toner before and have genuinely never been so impressed by a hair dye product, so I thought it was time to try the colours. Before buying, I had heard mixed reviews about the colour dyes. The biggest criticism that people had was that Bleach London colour dyes fade very quickly, or after one or two washes sort of thing. The only response I would have to this even without trying the product is that semi permanent colour dyes ALL fade quickly by nature. If you really want a longer lasting colour you should look into permanent dyes. Secondly, if you are putting these dyes onto very light blonde to white hair then of course this will cause them to fade very quickly too. All the semi permanent hair dyes I have ever used tended to fade very quickly. Such is life. Also, again, people were complaining that the blue and green dyes were staining their hair. You will find this with any blue or green dye, as well as red. This isn't an isolated problem with Bleach London dyes.

Pictured above is my results using Bleach London Rosé semi permanent pink hair dye. The halloween picture is my pink hair having been done by colourist Emma at Sassoon salon in Leeds and the bottom pictures with flowers in my hair was my own doing by mixing Directions dyes. Now you can see that the Bleach London dye is more of a shocking, more vibrant pink. Sassoon created more lavender tones and my personal Directions dye tends towards more peachy tones (this is because I add orange to my pink mixture usually). As to yet, I'm not sure which tone of pink I prefer. 

In terms of products (I will leave Sassoon aside since it's not my doing), I would say that Bleach London was far easier to use. It comes ready mixed in a bottle and so all you need to buy additionally is a pair of gloves to protect your skin/nails from the dye. You then squirt the mixture into your hands and rub it all over your hair being careful not to miss any sections. Directions, however, comes in little pots which in theory are ready mixed. However, I like to definitely mix Directions with conditioner because the colours are extremely pigmented and the pots don't stretch far. I also like to mix different colours to create my own shades (as you can see in my pastel hair posts). I bought 2 bottles of Bleach London as I wasn't sure how far they would go but I didn't even really need a full 1. In terms of value for money and ease of use I would definitely say that I prefer Bleach London.

I always use a silver or purple shampoo when I have blonde hair but Lee Stafford's purple shampoo is actually quite good for maintaining or enhancing pinkish tones. If you put the shampoo on your head and leave it to settle for a while, it definitely brings out the colour a little more. I used to tint my blonde hair pink by doing this. Of course, Bleach London also have "pink" shampoos etc for this effect but I have used and loved Lee Stafford many times and so I'm sticking with that for now.

Both Directions and Bleach London recommend a particular dying process/order that I tend to ignore. The suggestion is that you shampoo your hair, towel dry it, apply the dye, leave to develop, then rinse off and condition (do not repeat shampoo). I personally don't do this because having towel dried hair means that the colour you are putting onto your hair can drip which is very messy. Also, I prefer to shampoo my hair after colouring/dying. Obviously, the idea is that you don't shampoo straight away meaning the colour is more vibrant straight away. I'm not interested - I don't want to risk leaving product on my scalp. Also, the wetness acts as a block which means it's more difficult for the dye to get to your hair. I usually just splash a bit of water on my hair, apply the dye, leave to develop then shampoo/condition as usual. 

Also, with Bleach London I could see the colour taking much more quickly and much more effectively whereas with Directions it's much easier to get patchy colours and not as deep of a tone.

I will definitely be using Bleach London again (not just because I have a whole bottle left over!) but may return to Directions at times purely because I like creating my own colours. They are both great products but I think Bleach London would be best for first time dyers!

ps. I am yet to try the hair mask!

What are your favourite hair dying products?
And favourite hair products overall?

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾


  1. Reading this post has given me such an urge to dye my hair, something I've never done before but those products sound like they work so well its safe to say I'm tempted!

  2. YES! I've been looking for ages for the exact shade of pink hair which I want, it's the bottom picture! Thank-you for this post, I'm definitely going to do this in Summer x

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  4. Hi I decided to do an experiment and tried this on unbleached hair, although my hair is blonde already. Because it wasn't light enough it did go abit orangey pink, if I used a purple shampoo would this get rid of the orangey tones and make it look more or a pink or would it just wash the bleach London dye out completely? X

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