Monday, 26 January 2015

HuggleUp polaroid photos*

HuggleUp is a new(ish) company that turns your instagram pictures and photos from Facey B into cute Polaroids, mini Polaroids, posters, fridge magnets and so on! 

I was lucky enough to receive some Polaroids of my own and I genuinely, 100%, hand on heart adore them. I received 20 overall but I gave 2 away as gifts, leaving me with 18 lovely square snaps in the style of Polaroids. It's awesome using your instagram photos because they're already cropped into square shapes ready to be printed into perfection!

Something I'm super loving about HuggleUp is that it is bringing photos back into reality again, where you can hold your photos and display them however you would like! I've been toying around with ways to display mine, like blu tacking them onto the wall or putting them in scrapbooks. A lot of my friends have suggested that I write the names of the people in the photo and the date on each Polaroid like in  traditional Polaroid style which I think is a super neat idea that would look really cute. 

You can buy polaroid cameras these days that seem relatively affordable and very fun/modern but realistically it gets super pricey paying for film refills, not to mention the inconvenience of having to carry a large camera around. We all have our smart phones these days, taking selfies and candids with our friends, so the instagram/facebook feature of HuggleUp is perfect and so convenient and simple. The photo quality is great and so is the paper/card that they are printed on. I'm gonna take extra special care of mine and I will definitely be ordering some more in the near future! 

Check HuggleUp out on their website or download the free app! This sort of novelty just isn't going to wear off. Love it!

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾


  1. I loooooove polaroids, such a good way of remembering little memories!

  2. This is such a good idea, I might do this with my travel photos! I reckon they'd look really nice displayed on some string with wooden pegs.

  3. Polaroids are so cute and chic, I'll definitely have to purchase some!