Friday, 6 February 2015

Flamingo Gifts*

This is something I am genuinely SO excited about. Expect plenty of exclamation marks. They're-a coming.

I am absolutely obsessed with buying gifts for people and is something I wish I had knew about sooner! Not only is there genuinely something there for everybody but each and every item is so quirky and unique. These are the sort of things you may not be able to justify buying for yourself - well you probably can, somehow I usually manage it - and so they really do all make the perfect gifts.

First of all, I want to point out how much I adore Flamingo Candles!!!!!!!! If you look through the website they come in all sorts of colours and scents and the packaging is super cute - I for one love flamingos! I received the Candy Floss Flamingo Candle and it smells absolutely divine. It smells like Disney land. I can't stop sniffing away at it. I will definitely investing in more in the very near future... for me, they are cheaper than the popular Yankee candles, come with more interesting scents and look nicer in their packaging. Friends and family: prepare for flamingo candle gifts. I want to get trying Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum, and Coconut Lemongrass.

There's all sorts of cuddlies available too and here I have the Bagpuss microwavable hottie. He is absolutely adorable and it's hard to picture just how cute he is. He is so soft and such lovely colours, I'm looking forward to heating him up and snuggling down to snooze in cosy warm comfort. You can also get heatable bagpuss slippers! Warm tootsies!

Creature/creepy cups are perfect for those who are less interested in the pink, sparkly and fluffy than I am. Here I have the skull edition - I've always loved skulls - but you can also get spiders (yuck), octopi and sharks. Mugs are tea cups are something I really like to collect and so this was perfect for me. I can't wait to see the skull peeping through my green tea. 

These sweet treat coasters! How yummy! They really do look good enough to eat! Jam tart, rich tea, chocolate digestive, pink doughnut, pink cupcake and a cherry bakewell... so many of my favourite biscuits and puds. You can also get a pink party ring biscuit cushion which I am in love with too! But then I definitely have a massive sweet tooth. Sugar plum fairy problems.

If anyone knows me, then they know I love a good swear. comes with plenty of swearing opportunity which make for really quirky and funny gifts! Here I have the 'Queen of Fucking Everything' hand mirror which matches the coaster I received for my birthday last year. Seems quite appropriate if you ask me.

Finally... my pink cupcake bean bag. This is available as a donut too and this really is something that gave me heart eyes, emoji style. It's one of the products on the higher end of the price scale but it really would make for a wonderful gift, even if that was a gift to yourself. It's gonna look lovely in my sickly sweet room full of cuteness and pink. And again, anyone who knows me, will know that I am a lazy bum and I can't wait to spend all my time with my bum nestled in that pink icing!!!!! 

Give the website a browse and I can guarantee you will find something you love in the first 5 minutes!
My other favourites include the gummy bear lamps and the princess pink telephone... but you will have to find those for yourself!

Also, give their twitter a follow @FlamingoGifts
Great company, great products and great people behind it all!

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾


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