Wednesday, 20 May 2015

"Old Man Yells At Cloud"

I know sometimes we all like to be a bit indie. Say or do something that makes us a lil bit hipster yano a lil bit ~edgy~ from sportin our wavey garms to dissin trendy tunes. But do you know what I'm fucken sick of seeing? 


We get it, you prefer the "real world" and ya sick of people being on their phones and NO YA CANT HAVE THE WIFI PASSWORD IN OUR SHITEY PUB TALK T'EACHOTHER EH :)


If you give that many fucks why are you updating us about this abhorrent crime via ur bastard facebook status? All this shite about people missing out on friendships and real life experiences... do you think people are staring at blank screens?

Ok it can be anti social from time to time, ok I'll admit we're all a lil bit addicted. I scroll on twitter for hours. 

But I'm not reading constant bollocks. Twitter is my number one source for news stories and it is for a lot of people. The great thing about twitter is the first person live accounts from people. No bias news stations, no delays. It's real. 

If it weren't for twitter and tumblr, I'd have been well behind and misinformed with loads of stuff. Ferguson, Baltimore. The power of the hashtag is beyond underrated. 

And they call us narcissists, cause we take selfies and post them on instagram. Like Vincent van fuckin Gogh didn't sit for hours on bastard end painting his own face. Like Victorian families never sat for ages waiting for a fuckin photo to process. This ain't a new phenomena - it's a new medium. If ya can find that much negativity in someone feeling good about the way they look in that moment, and others reinforcing that with a quick "like" then I think it's YOU with the problem, mate.

Social media has created endless jobs. Bloggers and vloggers get criticised for having non-jobs. Is it not simply a case of moving the advert off of the telly and onto the newsfeed of a personality? When it comes to collaborations and reviews, are we only allowed to advertise products when it doesn't directly benefit young women (and men)? What is so bleeding bad? Not only that, but the networks of support and encouragement I see between younguns, particularly women, is amazing. Tours and reviews and tutorials and explorations and discussions of social issues, and just nice little positive words of encouragement from bloggers and vloggers are something that I value dearly. 

I love seeing people's fitness journeys, their veggie recipes, their new make-up products and techniques, fluffy animals, group photos on days and nights out, snaps from all over the planet! These are positive, productive, happy things!! 

The whole dad's side of me family lives up north in Newcastle. Being a student with a part time job on the weekend, I don't get much chance to travel away from Leeds unless I've booked it off, and even then I only get so much holiday a year. One of my cousins has got a beautiful couple of young lads. The eldest I've only met once, and the youngest I've never met at all. What I do get is bloody fantastic videos and updates on facebook, videos and photos watching the boys grow up. I've just watched them pushing my auntie around on a playground merry go round. It warms my heart, I can't stop smiling. It's important to me that I see those things.

I spend about an hour a day talking on the phone. To someone in Australia. For free. (using 4G/wifi) (app called Viber). Is that not fucking incredible? Does that not blow your mind? My late auntie had to ring her grandkids in Australia at a specific time every sunday night and fork out a fortune just to tell her family she loved them. Fuck that, we live in the now.

And I pester me mam most days for a photo of the dogs. Cause I miss them. (And her of course. Love you, mum). 

So yes I will take photos of my fucking dinner. And yeah I will upload pictures of myself #prettybitchgang. And I will check up on social justice hashtags to see how events are unfolding around the world. Because it's fucking fun and it's fucking cool and it's fucking important.

If you don't like it
Log off. And most importantly, bore off.

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾

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