Friday, 8 May 2015


I've recently posted about HuggleUp photo prints but I clearly couldn't get enough so I'm back with some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hand on heart I have always been so jealous of people with photos stuck around their rooms. I just never get round to printing them off and I'm never prepared enough to carry around disposables (like my beautiful friend Bryony occasionally does). 

I made this point in my previous post but I so sincerely believe it that I shall state it again. HELL YES I'M TOUGH ENOUGH. *cough* sorry. The truly brilliant thing about HuggleUp is that we take the vast majority of our photos on smart phones these days! And often, they are cropped into squares for our instagrams. So HuggleUp means that we can go about our lives as we do, snapping away on our iphones and then all we have to do when we fancy it is get on the HuggleUp site or app and choose which photos we want printing.

Last time I got the polaroid style retro prints but this time I went for the squares! I really like the combination of print styles on my wall, and it looked great when I was playing about with my scrapbook too. I can't decide which style I prefer, they're honestly both so lovely.

So now I can be one of those smug wankers with the cute photo walls that makes me smile every time I walk into my room!!!! They're also great to play about with, not just with scrapbooks, but, also with how you arrange them on the wall!

And again, two of my prints were given away as gifts. It's a gift I'd like to receive. # hash tag #thoughtful # 

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  1. Cute pictures, polaroids always look great!

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  2. This looks so lovely!

  3. love this!