Wednesday, 13 May 2015

YRU Ballet Baes

Just some quick pictures to show off my new YRU Ballet Bae platform shoes!! I bought mine through Dolls Kill and they're priced at $135 (USD). Roughly £90. I also had to pay shipping and customs of course!!! And so you can see how much I love love love these shoes.

They are really really easy to walk in as they are platforms, with nice thick bottoms and those cutty outty bits so they have good grip. This is vital for me with shoes - if I can't walk in a shoe, then I don't buy it... which might sound obvious, but I used to buy them anyway if I "loved" them enough. But if ya can't walk in em, ya won't wear em. So don't bother. These are fab u lous !!

The only downside - they take about 6 million years to get on. You have to loosen all the ribbon and squeeze ya feets in and pull up that zip at the back. But you can get them off pretty easily. They come in black and in white as well as in my precious pink. I quite like the other colours but for me pink was the obvious choice!

Coming soon is a new version of YRU Ballet Baes which are satin rather than this matte material. They will be coming in lilac-purple and in pink... surprisingly I prefer the lilac satin baes.

SO yeah this was just a quick post to say YES expensive YES hard to get on BUTTTT YES easy to walk in and YES the best shoes I have ever seen in my whole entire life. The end. 

Thanks for reading!
☽ Morgan ☾

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  1. WOW! these are insaneeeee